sp2A little about me.

Hi I’m Tim Cromarty and I’m a .Net architect, designer, developer and technical manager from Whitchurch, Hampshire in the UK.

I spend most of my time architecting and developing solutions, working in .Net, developing applications and websites, and writing C# code for a wide range of projects.

As well as designing architectures and applications, developing web sites and applications, I also manage teams of developers, review architectures, provide advice and guidance and develop best practices around latest technologies.  I’m also a big fan of pragmatic programming and using the best bits from multiple development technologies such as XP, Agile and Scrum.

If you need assistance with any aspect of your .Net development and could use some additional expertise then please contact me. I am usually pretty busy, but get in touch for an informal chat and I’ll do my best to help.


I have been programming for over 30 years, having started by copying programs out of magazines and laboriously typing them into a BBC Micro!  Since then I have worked in a variety of positions and responsibilities. In the ’80s I was an Oracle developer, and have worked for a variety of companies including Oracle , TV, Banks and Local Government. In the late ’90s I became involved in java and web development working  for the European divisions of a number of US software organisations. More recently I have held a number of director level positions managing divisions of up to 75 staff, and budgets in excess of £10m pa.

I now specialize in architecting, designing and developing .net based applications and web solutions, from small single page projects to global and enterprise wide web based applications.

I have been using .Net since the first version, as a natural extension to working with the much underrated Visual Basic, and as an alternative to Java. I have also spent plenty of time developing in C, Java, Perl, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL (I could go on…), but my current focus is .Net, along with javascipt, jQuery, SQL, Ajax and related technologies.

My wife thinks I’m a nerd because my idea of relaxing is to read a programming manual! I also have with an amazing 7 year old son who is learning to program – he thinks its more fun than computer games. My ambition is to stop lying about my age when I reach


Email me: tim[dot]cromarty[at]